David’s favourite hair colour trends for summer 2020!

It’s not been a great year for following street trends, especially since most of us have barely been allowed out on the street so far. Now summer is here, the salons are opening and the warmer weather is calling you. Sounds like a perfect time to refresh your hair colour and maybe even try something new, don't you think? (Well, it’s either that or cut a fringe. Something has to change, right?) 

So I’ve done a little research for you and come up with a list of my favourite shades this season. Whether you are looking for a new variation, some welcome inspiration or a complete update, I hopefully have something for you to consider. 

Remember, hairdressers are called ‘professionals’ for a reason and I never advocate trying any of this at home. The colours you can buy in a box at the pharmacy are not the same as the ones your stylist uses and it’s way too easy to make a huge mess of it. Few things are more embarrassing than making an emergency appointment to have your home ‘dye-job’ fixed. (You can find all Martinsson King hairdressers on our website.)

Always use a sulphate-free, colour protecting shampoo to maintain the vibrancy of the colour and protect against fading by wearing a hat in the sun. Dry shampoo on your in-between-shampoo-days can be a lifesaver and really takes the stress out of your hair care routine, but make sure it doesn’t leave a powder white residue that detracts from your new style. 

And whatever you do, always wear sunscreen to tan safely in the sun.

Here are my six favourites for the summer!

1. Pearl Blond

Cool your regular golden blond or refresh natural grey with pearly tones. It’s a little softer than silver and a variation that will add a pretty purple/lilac hue that is very on-trend right now. 

2. Deep rich brown

The secret to keeping darker shades looking good is to maintain the shine. Your stylist should be able to recommend a gloss to keep the light bouncing off your locks. 

3. Bronde honey brown

If you are a bit indecisive, then ‘bronde’ is the perfect compromise between blond and brunette and really shows off a glowing tan. 

4. Balayage

My favourite update to the old-age foil highlights. No stripes, but instead a natural-looking, sun kissed effect that can be more golden or strawberry rather than ash blond. 

5. Buttercream blond

Natural and creamy with lots of dimension, the blend of warm and cool highlights swirls ribbons of champagne, honey, and baby blond for an unfussed look.

6. Lilac

It seems that every season I have a new favourite pastel shade. And no, it’s not purple! Lilac toners work well on lightened or natural grey hair and look great with a tan too.

Please send us your questions or comments! We are here to support you on your path towards happier, healthier hair! 

 Much love, 

David Glover
International Hair StylistFounder and Creative Director, Martinsson King


David Glover
International Hair Stylist

Founder and Creative Director, Martinsson King

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