What is modular hair care?

Products that are designed to be combined and blended by you, so that you can easily create exactly the effect you want, every day.

The Martinsson King modular system allows you to easily personalise your hair care in the palm of your hand every day. Just blend a few pumps of our Infusion serums into the Essential Cleanse shampoo or Prime Condition rinse to quickly get the effect you want for your hair, every time you wash. Combine and layer with our Infusion serums, just like you layer your skincare or makeup. To maximise the effect, our silicone-free infusions can also be added as leave-in serums before styling or blow-drying.


Why is modular hair care better?

Because you can adapt it completely to your changing needs, every day.

Your hair changes daily, sometimes weekly, and definitely seasonally. It's affected by treatments and damaged by the elements. No two days are the same - no two heads are the same.

Hair can be dull and flat on the roots, while being dry and frizzy on the ends, or healthy and flexible on the roots, but damaged due to grown out colour on the ends.

Having Infusion serums that can be blended into either the shampoo or conditioning rinse, followed by alternating leave-in serums for roots and ends, allows for a personalised system and results that have previously been impossible to attain.


Where does the name Martinsson King come from?

It is the combined maiden names of the grandmothers of our founders Anders and David.

Anders’ grandmother was born Martinsson in Gothenburg (Sweden) and David’s was King born in Maidstone, Kent (England). Both were hugely courageous women who overcame great personal challenges, instilling confidence, passion for life and a sense of adventure in their grandsons.


What is different about Martinsson King compared to other brands?

Martinsson King focuses completely on creating results for you, the individual.

Our offering is always personal and our role is to enable you with confidence to do whatever it is you want to do. It’s not simply about ‘hair care’ - it’s about ‘your care.’ You can always contact us for personal recommendations.


Are the Martinsson King products organic/sustainable/natural?

Martinsson King is the cleanest professional hair care range available on the market.

All our products have been created from scratch in our lab. We secure the best possible performance with today’s most sustainable ingredients that are safe for you and the planet. We use only the minimal number of components and they are all vegan, non-toxic and paraben/sulfate/silicone free. As far as possible, all ingredients are also nature-derived.


Can I use the shampoo & conditioner without blending Infusion serums in?


Our shampoos and conditioners have been designed as stand-alone, premium products that cleanse and detangle while delivering long-lasting condition. To add any specific functionality, just use one of our Infusion serums and blend in the palm of your hand.


Can I use more than one Infusion serum at a time?


All Infusions have been created to work as leave-in serums that can be added to towel dried hair once it has been shampooed and conditioned. This is an opportunity to give the hair more moisture, or an added performance-boost of strength or softness before styling. More than one serum can be used and we often recommend using one on the roots and another from mid-lengths to ends. This is a unique feature of the Martinsson King range because it allows for more versatility in the styling process and usually require no additional styling product, keeping the hair cleaner longer.


Are the products safe to use on coloured hair?


All serum Infusions contain the Martinsson King Complex (MKC), a highly concentrated blend of active ingredients, combining weightless humectants for moisture and positively charged cationics for more permanent conditioning and repair. Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) delivers intense colour retention, reduces fly-aways (anti-static) and promotes manageability to any hair types without weighing it down. Enhanced Pro-vitamin B5 penetrates the hair shaft and binds moisture from within, making the hair look shinier and healthier while boosting light reflection.