5 great tips for grey hair

Grey hair is very on trend right now. Still, as anyone with grey hair knows, to keep it looking healthy and stylish requires both a lot of work and the right products. 

What is grey hair?

 "Grey" hair is actually the process of white hair blending into your original hair colour. As we age, our hair stops manufacturing melanin which is what makes the colour pigments in our hair. What you see is literally ‘colourless’ hair where the follicle has ceased to produce the cells required, usually along with the natural oils that your body produces to keep your hair and skin lubricated. 


Therefore, it is most likely that this newer white hair is thinner, although it tends to feel thicker and more coarse due to its lack of moisture. While this problem may not be all bad for those who struggle to maintain volume or hold a curl, it does need special attention to keep the flexibility and sheen.

Here are five tips for how you get a silvery fresh and radiant mane! 

What is silicone?

Silicone is a purely cosmetic ingredient that gives your hair the appearance of flexibility and shine. It works like a raincoat for your hair, creating a shiny barrier that stops it from getting frizzy in humid weather. However, depending on the type of silicone, it can also cause problems.

Many hair products, especially the less expensive ones found in supermarkets, contain simpler silicones that are not water soluble. This makes them difficult to wash out of your hair, which creates a greasy build-up at your roots. This also prevents your hair from becoming properly moisturized, making it dry and brittle, especially at the ends.    

1. Build more moisture

Moisture is key to maintaining the softness and shine, so that the grey hair doesn't appear ‘wiry’. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses your hair gently while depositing ingredients like betaine amino acids for hydration and flexibility. Condition every time you wash to nourish both the hair and scalp. Use hydrating serums to keep the hair flexible and treat it with a moisturising mask every couple of weeks to restore its shine and bounce.  

2. Avoid conditioners with silicone

Silicone can create a barrier on your hair that prevents it from absorbing all the moisture it needs. Many conditioners contain silicone to give you the feeling of moisture, but it is only cosmetic and it can make your hair very dehydrated, very quickly. If you notice that your hair is becoming greasy by the end of the day, you probably need to check the ingredients in your conditioner (anything that ends in "cone" is a silicone).

3. Use products that strengthen volume

Use products with Pro-vitamin B5, a natural ingredient that penetrates to the cortex of the hair. It deposits moisture and plumps out the cuticle, giving it more volume and body. A lot of volume products can be drying and contribute to the matt texture rather than building the shine you want.

4. Be careful with heat styling

With heat styling - especially when using straightening tools - grey hair can easily burn and develop a slightly brown tinge towards the ends. Use heat protecting products and don’t use styling tools on maximum heat. Also, keep the ends of your hair trimmed often, to keep your hair looking healthy and strong. You can make your style last longer with a good dry shampoo that also revitalises your hair and reduces the frequency of washing and restyling.

5. Detoxify your hair regularly

Pollution in the air (especially smoke) and components in your water (such as lime scale) can easily become trapped in the hair cuticle, adding to the yellowing/drying effect on the hair. It’s important to detoxify the hair at least once a month with a specific shampoo to gently remove any impurities without stripping the natural oils.

I hope these tips will help you truly enjoy your grey hair! You’re welcome to contact me if you have any questions!

David Glover
International Hair StylistFounder and Creative Director, Martinsson King

David Glover
International Hair Stylist

Founder and Creative Director, Martinsson King


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